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The main Benefits for all lecturers and staffs are as follows:

1) Equal Opportunity Employer - access base on benchmark of high standard of academic performance regardless of race, religion, gender, creed and so on;
2) Globally Competitive Compensation Plan;
3) Promote Marketability through Specialization and Commercial Diversification;
4) Open Market and Inovative Driven Teaching Model;
5) Job Security and Other Opportunities.

Further, Initial Benefits and Surplus of the Lo'au University, LU, in this early stage of its development are set aside to pay the lectures and staff of the online courses, including annual bonuses for lecturers who recruit many students to their courses and those with the best academic outcomes drawing from students' works.  This is therefore a reward system based on performance under the Policy of Salary Regulation and Conditions, PSRC, of the Lo'au University.

From each online course fee collected from students, he lecturer will receive 40% of it for instance and the rest are set aside for administrative, financial and scholarship activities of the LU.

There are more benefits for lecturers and staff from the Financial and Administrative Section, FAS, free of charge, of the LU such as new staff training and technical support on website and cyberspaced marketing matters, as shown in the above from no.1) to 5).

All lecturers and staff are paid in accordance to their Performance in Class,'PC, and the Number of  Student Enrollment, NSE, with the inclusion of Career Development, Staff Benefits, Employment Conditions and Equity and Diversity in the Lo'au University Academic and Staff Agreement 2013-2017, LUASA.

All lecturers will be trained free of charge by the LU's website administrators and Manager on how to use the website for their classes, encompassing all principal information on cyberspaced market and its academic circles

This includes on how such lecturers can record their lectures, and affiliate closely with their students via this website and other hyperspace forums of communication in very efficient, proficient and effective ways.