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Career advancement in cyberspace and beyond Lo'au


(Logo of CUAM University, a partner of Lo'au University with other 72 university members - an advancement of education and career for students and staff of LU)


The four main focuses of the Lo'au University are listed below:

1) Operational Support - resources, orientation, preception
2) Free Ongoing Education
3) Specialization Resources and Collaborative Networks
4) Global Branding/Authority Expert Development

Teaching online courses is a totally different method and atmosphere when comparing to normal way of teaching in traditional universities and higher learning institutes. This new forum of cyberspace will give each lecturer, researcher and staff of the Lo'au University, LU, both a specific and broader knowledge, which in return can expand and advance their individual career pursuits and ways of doing things.

The website administrators and Manager of the Financial and Administrator Section, FAS, of the LU will ensure that all lecturers and researchers have thorough understanding of how online courses are effectively delivered and successfully operated in cyberspaced market with quality products before they are allowed to use its facilities and deliver classes and researches.

This is one of the main career developments to be earned by lecturers and researchers while conducting classes and studies, and there will be more skills and experiences to be delivered by the FAS in the whole development. Its whole purpose is to advance and broaden the skills and experiences of staff on how to deliver effective and successful outcomes in the classrooms, as well as, in its cyberspaced market with the top quality academic products.

All lecturers and researchers will be updated and trained when new programs are introduced into this website by the administrators and Manager.  It will be a continuing process of training with new learning experiences and skills for all, as we are all aware of the fact that internet with its cyberspaced programs is changing in a very fast rate of operation every second worldwide.

All of the above are spelled out clearly when signing contract with the LU under its Lo'au University Academic and Staff Agreement 2013-2018, LUASA.





It is a great privilege, but a challenging responsibility, for Lo'au University in its early stage of development after being selected in March 2014 by the Board of Founders from CUAM University at Benevento in Italy as one of its 72 partner Afro- and Euro-Mediterranean Universities to forming its new educational and scienitifc researches. CUAM is short for 'Consortium University of Africa and the Mediterranean'. The whole idea of the Board is to form a federation of universities from Africa and Europe with the main aim to conduct ongoing educational and scientific researches together, including exchanges of publications, lecturers, researchers and students among its 72 partner universities. Only Lo'au University was appointed from the Southern Hemisphere. The rest are from Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean seas. The Headquarters of CUAM is at Benevento and all partner Universities will have their individual offices in its premises. 

 villa dei papi


This is exciting for the Lo'au University to be appointed from Europe after the three months of its full online operation since Janurary 2014. Lo'au was first registered in Texas in the United States of America in 2011 under the direction and guidance of Virtualization Company as the first online university by Moanan-Tongan scholars worldwide to be operated from the Kingdom of Tonga. It is the first full online University from Moanan (Pacific) Islands overall. Again Lo'au University is re-registering again in the Kingdom for recognizing and legitimatizing purposes. Its online educational program was officially launched early this year by the Kingdom's Education Minister, Hon. Dr 'Ana Maui Taufe'ulungaki, with 35 courses offering its first recruited paid and scholarship students.

This includes courses in prehistory and history, rational studies (logic and philosophy), health, social policy/work, social philosophy, political philosophy, ecology, biology, technology and other applied sciences and science.  There are more courses in anthropology, economics, Business</b>::<div style='width:200px;'><p><span class="st">also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.</span></p>

">Business and commerce, political sciences and science coming up in Term 2 of May 2014. Lo'au University has offered 1,000 scholarships for the Kingdom in the beginning of the year and thousands are still available for other Moanan Islanders under its Lo'au Scholarship. It is also offering another Ma'ananga Scholarship for those from Western overseas countires who would like to study in 2014 by paying half annual fees only. 

Lo'au University will share with its other partner Universities that form the CUAM University the following opportunities under Artcle 2. of its Protocols of agreement with the CUAM's Board of Founders:


Membership in the C.U.A.M. entitles the partner universities, without any economic burden, to the following free activities: a) the support for the Erasmus and the other international programs; b) the network for partnerships in international projects; c) the ability to publish articles and books in Italy; d) the ability to publish in all the journal CUAM; e) the participation in conferences, lectures, discussions, which will be held at the headquarters of CUAM; f) the participation in the research and the publication of studies and research; g) the exchange of information, documentation andscientific publications; h) the possibility to appoint a procurator and legal representative of the university partners in Italy; i) to facilitate the conclusion of conventions and agreements between the partner universities of CUAM and, between these and Italian and European universities, which are intended for educational and scientific cooperation, recognition of academic titles, the exchange and the mobility of teachers, as well as for the joint production of publications and academic journals; l) a page on the web site of CUAM; m) the support for the information about the educational offerings of Italian universities and those partners; n) the administrative support for the frequency at courses of study and any activity in Italy; o) the information support to find an accommodation in Italy for students; p) the support to facilitate exchanges and mobility of teachers, researchers and students between the partner universities.----The C.U.A.M., therefore, will support, in full, all costs relating to these activities.----------------

This includes other paid responsibilities that will be dealt with Lo'au University and its other 59 partner Universities part from the above Article.2., such as: ART. 3 - PAID ACTIVITIES

The C.U.A.M. facilitate the organization of the courses, the workshops, the master and all formative activity (in medicine, law, justice, Business</b>::<div style='width:200px;'><p><span class="st">also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.</span></p>

">Business management, etc..) at the headquarters of CUAM or at the individual partner universities and all related costs will be borne by individual participants. The C.U.A.M. provides, upon request and payment, other services, such as the possibility to open a representative office in Italy, to provide university teachers for activities at the headquarters of the university partners and other services as agreed by the parties and to facilitate the conclusion of conventions and agreements between the partner universities of CUAM and, between these and Italian and European universities, which are intended for recognition of academic titles, the exchange and the mobility of teachers;--------------------------------------------------------------------------


 Guide Turistiche Campania


The President of the Board of Founders, Professor Michelle Lanna, of the CUAM University signed the Protocols of agreement with the Dean of Lo'au University, Professor Siosiua Lafitani, in March 2014 to working together infinitely. All procedures for accession to CUAM University will be finalized on the 30th of April 2014. 

One of the first programs and activities for all partners to do is to prepare one page of explanation and detail about their individual educational programs and countires to be published on the website of CUAM University - Click here please...This whole work of CUAM University and its operation is largely funded by the Board as well as the European Commission, which is witnessed on the websites of CUAM, as well as, European Commission (Click here please...OR Click here please...).

It appears that Lo'au University was appointed as partnership for CUAM University for the following reasons among others:

- Philosophy of 'education for thinking' or 'education for rationality';

- New School of Rational Studies with its focus in teaching only philosophy and logic;

- Focus in teaching traditional-classical Moanan-Tongan and Greco-Roman fields of studies;

- New online higher learning programs and various courses from different fields of study;

- Educational program is available to all students and lecturers from around the globe.