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The philosophy of Lo'au University is 'education for thinking', an extension of 'education for knowledge' since Socrates. In specific education for thinking is another name for education for rationality. As a result of pursuing this philosophy, Lo'au University has formed a new School in Humanities known as School of Rational Studies with its focus in teaching philosophy and logic as compulsory/core disciplines for all students in both under-graduate and post-graduate levels. It ensures that all students know how to think rationally in philosophical and logical grounds. Socrates says that the aim of education is to gather and accumulate knowledge. In his words, "a philosopher is a seeker for knowledge." Plato says that man is a 'political animal'. Aristotle says that man is a 'rational animal'. Lo'au University asserts that the aim of education is to "train students how to think rationally." In the words of its Chancellor Professor 'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau, "education is training for rationality" or "a philosopher is a seeker for rationality." Hu'akau says that man is a 'thinking animal'. Lo'au University combines the views of Socrates and Aristotle. A student is therefore taught to think as a 'thinker' or 'rational person' and not a Westerner or Islander, in Professor Futa Helu's words.

Lo'au and Ma'ananga Scholarships

 Lo'au University is offering two different Scholarships for Term 2 of 2014 - May to September. They are Lo'au and Ma'ananga Scholarships. Lo'au Scholarship has been advertizing and granting to Tongan Islanders in the Kingdom of Tonga and other Moanan (Pacific) Islanders since January 2014. There are 1,000 Lo'au Scholarships available to the Kingdom and other Moanan Islands this year, and only over 300 prospective students applied since 2013, in which 60 of them were successful.

They are mostly prospective students who completed their application forms and obliged with the overall requirements of Lo'au University. This means that there are still 940 Lo'au Scholarships available, and there will still be more Lo'au Scholarships to offer if it is required and demanded by the market. Lo'au Scholarship and its expenses are all paid for by Lo'au University. Each scholarhsip student in Proficiency Level one (PLOne) or BA is required to pay $50 as Registration Fees per year to kick off thei study. For PLTwo or MA students, they have to pay $200 Registration Fees per year, and for PLThree or PhD students they have to pay $500 per year.

Successful applicants are only required to buy their own personal computers or laptops, and the rest will be paid for by Lo'au University. Lo'au Scholarship is therefore a full opportunity to study under Lo'au University with no other expenses except those of personal computers and laptops. Inspite of the fact that TCC has mentioned that they can offer a 50% discount package to all students only after the completion of the re-registration of Lo'au University in the Kingdom. The University was first registered in Texas of the United States of America in 2011 under the direction and suppport of the Virzualization Company of Professor 'Ilaiasi Tupou 'Ofa. The University has launched in its application for re-registration last month, and its assessment can be completed this month by the Board of Accreditation of the Department of Education and Training. This will also help the internet expenses of our students during their study under the Lo'au Scholarship. Lo'au Scholarship is different from Ma'ananga Scholarship.

Ma'ananga Scholarships is available to any person living overseas irrespective of social, racial and cultural backgrounds. Any person worldwide can apply to this Scholarship. It is a 50% discount Scholarship. Any prospective students from other parts of the world outside Tonga and Moana are eligible and qualified to apply for. They only have to pay half of the overall cost to study for any degree. For students doing PLOne or BA, they have to pay the full amount of $100 per course, $200 per course for PLTwo or MA students or can be the equivalence of $5,000 (USD) per year. For students doing PLThree or PhD, they have to pay the full amount of $10,000 per year. However for Ma'ananga Scholarship, the successful applicants will only have to pay $2,500 for PLTwo students per year and $5,000 for PLThree or PhD students.

These are the educational opportunities available to any person worldwide that are interested to study at Lo'au University. All courses are online in text form for students to read and learn from or multi-media to watch and listen to, or both text and multi-media. Our services of students are very professional, efficient and proficient, with qualified and well-known lecturers and staff in Moana and beyond. Our office in Tonga, Texas, Sydney, Canberra and Auckland are also available to help students in any matter of conncern, but you can also contact via this website. We are very reliable and we always be upfront in responding and answering straighaway the questions and comments of our students. 

We are fairly new but our most of our staff, lecturers and researchers have been working in other worldwide universities like Auckland University, Sydney University, Australian National University, Australian Catholic University, BYU among others. From Janauary to April 2014, we have been training and educating 8 PhD students and 3 MA students ,and the rest of students are doing BA. 

We teach disciplines in any field of study, ranging from humanities and enthno-science to Business</b>::<div style='width:200px;'><p><span class="st">also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.</span></p>

">Business and commerce, rational studies with logic and philosophy to natural and formal sciences, as well as, health and community development and technology and other applied sciences. Every student must take logic and philosophy in the School of Rational Studies and technology and internet in the School of Technology and Other Applied Sciences as compulsory courses irrespective of whatever levels of degree they may be. Classical studies of Greek and Roman Cultures and Tongan-Moanan cultures, as well as, health, community development and social services are very fundamental too to Lo'au University and its curriculum.

To apply for Lo'au and Ma'ananga Scholarships please click the links below, and for Ma'ananga Scholarship you have to pay half of the full fees per year and only $50 Registration Fees for Lo'au Scholarshipt................


Visit Lo'au and Ma'ananga Scholarship by clicking here.... OR Click here too....