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Current collaborations

The first federation of universities to collaborate and affiliate by contract with Lo'au University is the Board of Founders of CUAM at Benevento in Italy (CUAM stands for Consortium University of African and the Mediterrean), which is constituted of 72 universities from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Only Lo'au University was appoined from the Kingdom of Tonga of the SOUTH PACIFIC (MOANA), outside from Europe, Africa and the Middle East - www.cuam.eu 

Currently, Lo'au University, LU, the extension of Lo'au Research Society, LRS, is informally collaborated with individual staff, researchers and lecturers from the following universities, research and community organizations, but soon we will formally make contractual collaboration with most, if not all, of them, among others, to exchange and share academic, economic, cultural, technical and social programs:


- Massey University of Albany Campus in New Zealand

- Australian Catholic University in Australia

- Australian National University in Australia

- Hawaii University in Hawaii

- Phoenix University in Utah

- Vava'u Academy of Critical Inquiry and Applied Research in New Zealand and Tonga

- University of Brisbane

- Auckland University in New Zealand

- University of the South Pacific in Fiji and Tonga

- Sydney University in Australia

- Australian and Sydney Realism

- 'Atenisi University in Tonga

- Masilamea Press Limited

- Vahaope Network International Inc.

- Visualization Inc. in Texas

- ACT Community of Moana in Canberra

- 'Uvea-French Project in 'Uvea and Tonga

- Nuama of Moana in Australia