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Welcome to Lo'au University, LU, Course Search!

Courses are aimed to promote the philosophy of the Lo'au University, with its emphasis on 'Education for Thinking' critically, analytically and rationally in a proficient, efficient and wise way.  This is based and built on the following core values of its own specific culture:  rationality withreason before action, objectivity with issue and not person, wisdom with knowledge to proficiency and efficiency; clarity with clear as crystal, distinction with distinct but related; universality with shared commonalities, and classicism with creativity, beauty and permanence (i.e. the best always produce the permanence).  Consequently, this is believed to produce free thought or independent thinking among its students.

The information about courses is displayed on our 'Course Catalogue': 

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There are 83 online courses from Level 100 to Level 500 that are delivered by the following Schools:

- Social Philosophy, Ethno-sience and Humanities;

- Rational Studies;

- Natural and Formal Sciences;

- Technology and Other Applied Sciences;

- Commerce and Information Technology Management

- Health, Community Development and Social Services

Students are free to select multi-discpilinary courses during the duration of their study while working to complete their individual major degrees, which can be arranged in the time of admission and enrollment. Please click on Human Resources to read the details.

We have courses based on lectures alone, and both fieldworks and lectures respectively for students who do Proficiency Level One (equivalence of BA) and Proficiency Level Two (equivalence of MA) but with a Thesis for the latter; and Proficiency Level Three (equivalence of PhD) degree is field or laboratory work only with writing thesis but no lecture.

Courses in all Degrees can be run in either English or Tongan, or both, and in other Moanan languages depending on individual lecturers and the demand of students.