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Computer & hyperspace facilities

For the Lo'au University's Online Courses, its main facilities are located and installed on this website, and each lecturer and researcher shall have their own home/office computer and laptop with upgraded, proficient and efficient capacity to run and access online courses, and be able also to pre-record lectures on videos ready for online short and long courses. Students must use our facilities as well for their study and other interactive  activities with their lecturers and other students.

Facilities like head-set and webcam are needed also for this kind of online teaching and researching courses, and everyone is required to provide their own resources from home or office based structure.  The rest of the facilities and programs on this website for running courses and researches are provided by the LU administrators.

All lectures, researchers, students and administrators shall have their individual LU usernames, passwords and emails to use for this website and to access to all our facilities. This includes a given 'code' for students only to access and choose their courses from our 'Course Catalogue'.