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Fees and Finance all students



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Once you’ve been admitted to the Lo'au University, the next step is figuring out what options you have for paying for your education. Whether you’re trying to discover if you’re eligible for scholarship, grant money student loan, searching for a work-study position, or interested in taking out student loans, you can fill out the Lo'au Univesity Free Online Financial Aid Application for our Student to determine whether you can qualify for the Lo'au University financial aid package. No matter what economic background you come from, there’s always an opportunity to get financial assistance while pursuing a college education here at LU.

Our goal is to assist students and their families in financing the cost associated with attending the Lo'au University. The staff in our Student Financial Services office are here to make your education at LU as affordable as possible.

The Lo'au University Office of Financial Aid Services team has  developed a detailed comprehensive online form to collect all pertinent financial data that help maximizing the opportunity of our students aquiring financual solution to successfully achieve their educational endeavor.  Please take time to carefully fill in the student's financial aid application . The information collected will serve as a guide to help us navigate through the process of applying and receiving aid from various sources.


Students are eligible for fees and finance to assist their studies in immediate and unexpected situations of financial difficulty, and they must apply and will be processed in according to the Lo'au Fees and Finance Assisting Programs, LFFAP. However, all LFFAP are based and derived from the followings:

1) In-House Finance Assitance - installment plans with competitive interest rates;

2) Grant Assistance - goverment, private, corporation and so on;

3) Third Party Financial Assistance - financial institution assistance program, personal arrangement finance and so on.

This LFFAP must not be mixed up with the Upfront Enrollment Fees, UEF, that every person must pay to become students and access to LU's resources on this website, and it is also different from scholarships and grants (please see sub-section 'Scholarships' under the section of 'Post-graduates').


Please go now to the Lo'au University Financial Aid Online Application form and fill out the applicaiton by click on this link, Financial Aid Application.