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Current job opportunities

All job opportunities are reserved to scholars of different disciplines in sciences, social sciences, humanities and applied sciences who are interested in teaching and doing research in our Teaching Division, TD, and, Research Division, RD, with their specific Schools.

The lectures will be assessed in according to the Lo'au University Academic and Staff Agreement 2013-2018 , LUASA, with its Career Development, Benefits, Health, Employment Conditions and Equity and Diversity.

We are seeking lecturers to run classes through video presentation, as well as, researchers to supervise graduate and post-graduate candidates and conduct research via this website from their own home or office computers.

All lecturers, researchers and staff are employed under the policy and regulation of LUASA, which are documented in the Lo'au University Regulation and Policy System, LURPS.

Please find information below from our “Lo’au University Regulation and Policy System (LURPS)” under its sub-title, ‘Selection Criteria for Lecturers and Researchers’:

-    -   They shall have teaching and research backgrounds in universities or other higher learning institutes;

-   - They shall have detailed knowledge and profound experiences in their fields of study and the specific disciplines they teach;

-   - They shall obtain detailed knowledge and profound experiences in their fields of research and the specific disciplines of their research;

-   - They shall have backgrounds in the disciplines of philosophy and logic in which critical and analytical methods of thinking are taught or other similar disciplines;

-  -  They shall have the right attitudes to work independently in their own fields of study, as well as, the ability to work harmoniously and collectively with other academic colleagues, Head of Schools, Administrative Staff and the LU Board of Trustees;

-  -  They shall morally have the right attitudes, values and behaviours when teaching and delivering research to students and  their other academic colleagues;

-  -  They shall be able to apply their skills and knowledge effectively and successfully to other situations inside and outside the LU;

-  -  They shall have no criminal and inhumane records of any kind;

-They shall voice their grievances in a legitimate way and in accordance to LU Regulation and Policy System (LURPS) to the Heads of their Schools, Administrative Staff and the LU Board of Trustees regarding any issue of concern.

Please click on this link for Lo'au University Online Job Application


Please click on this link to download the Lo'au University Job Application form in PDF format