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Siosiua F.P. Lafitani

He was a student of St John High School at ‘Apifo’ou College in the Kingdom of Tonga, and became their Head Prefect in 1994. He received his Associate of Arts in 1986 and Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in 1988 from ‘Atenisi University in Tonga. He received a Master of Letters in sociology from the Faculty of Arts of the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra in 1992. His Master thesis in 1992 was entitled: “Tongan Diaspora: Perceptions, Values and Behaviours of Tongans in Canberra.” From 1993 to 1997, he was conducting his first doctorate in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney and could not complete it due to health problem, which ended him on wheelchair bound since then. He was transferred to the Department of Social Work in the Australian Catholic University of Signadou Campus in

Canberra in 2000. He received his doctorate in June 2012 from the ACU with a dissertation entitled: “Moanan-Tongan fatongia and denotic of Greco-Rome: Fiefia, happiness, of tauēlangi, climactic euphoria, and ‘alaha kakala, permeating fragrance – Mālie! Bravo!” He is awarding by the ACU to take up Honourary Post-doctoral Fellow with them in 2013. This is for the main purpose to publish five articles out from this dissertation for journal publications, and also to change it into a book form. While at the Australian National University and Sydney University he conducted world studies throughout kava and church gatherings on social obligation, fatongia, and major problems experiencing by Tongan and Moanan migrants in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, London, USA, Hawaii, Auckland and Tonga. This included researches and interviews of scholars at the Universities of Oxford, Harvard, State of Washington, Standford, Honolulu, ‘Atenisi and Auckland. His Master Thesis copies are kept in the libraries of Oxford University, University of State of Wellington, Department of Sociology at the Australian National University and ‘Atenisi University. He is the Chairperson of the Lo’au Research Society in Canberra, secretary for Lo’au Research Society worldwide, coordinator for establishing a Lo’au University, and current president of the ACT Community of Moana and artistic director of Phoenix Performing Arts of Moana. A former part-time lecturer at the Centre for Continuing Education of the Australian National University teaching Pacific Island arts, politics and migrations; and Department of Social Work at the Australian Catholic University teaching scientific method. He is also a cultural public speaker at National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, Sydney Museum and Bruce TAFE. He was a teacher of the High School Division of ‘Atenisi Institute in Tonga; a former dance teacher and choreographer at the Gorman House Arts Centre for Phoenix Performing Arts of Moana, and recently at the Multicultural Youth Services (MYS) of the Multicultural Centre and Belconnen Art Center. Siosiua has published two Chapters on ANU publications, and a number of articles, songs and poems on Nuama of Moana and Phoenix Performing Arts of Moana www.nuama.org, and www.phoenix-dance.org, including some short articles and comments on Vahaope International Inc. www.apifoou.com, Australian Kava Movement For Fair-go www.australiankavamovement.com.au and Lo’au University www.loauuniversity.edu.to He is a website assistant and editor for the Nuama of Moana, Phoenix Performing Arts of Moana, Vahaope International Inc, Australian Kava Movement For Fair-go and Lo’au University. He was one of the founders of Lo’au Research Society, Phoenix Performing Arts of Moana, ACT Community of Moana, Nuama of Moana, Vahaope International Inc. (for all Tongan Catholic Schools and ex-students worldwide), Australian Pacific Island Development Strategic Taskforce, Australian Kava Movement for Fair-go and Lo’au University. He is happy to teach the following courses for the Lo’au University: social philosophy; social policy; anthropology; Moanan-Tongan space, , time,and the categories, ‘uketo’iangama’u; Lo’auan worldview and Tongan performing and material arts-language. His past major research interests are in the fields of social philosophy (social theory and sociology) since ancient Greeks and Romans; social policy, anthropology; Moanan-Tongan space, , time, and the categories, ‘uketo’iangama’u; Lo’auan worldview to life and Tongan performing arts and language. Performing-material arts, migration, youth and drug-related matters are also among his main research interests. His future research agenda will be on social obligation, fatongi, in Tonga and Moanan politics, churches, economics, social welfare, cultures and arts; and social obligation in world politics, economics, social welfare, religions, cultures and arts...........Fakafeta'i and 'ofa lahi atu, Dr Siosiua Fonuakihehama Pouvalu Lafitani (a.k.a. Tōfua'ipangai), Honourary Post-doctoral Fellow of Australian Catholic University of Signadou Campus in Canberra and Lecturer of Lo'au University.

Recent Posts

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  • All Lo'auan Supervisors, As requested by some of our supervisors, please find the names of our PLTwo/MA and PLThree/PhD students below so you can contact them directly and discuss their works. I will be available here and in Tonga to ensure their works are in motion all the time. I have included here their names, emails, supervisors and Schools (with the specific disciplines), and you can find their individual Research Abstracts on our web at 'Research' in the section of "Staff" but you have to register first to be able to login:

  • Lo'auan Lecturers, Supervisors and Advisory Committee,

    Malo e lelei!
    This is a brief news updates and a reminder of certain issues regarding the Lo'au lecture and supervision:
    - We welcome Professor Malakai Kolomatangi of Massey University to our Board of Trustees after his appointment last month by our Board Members. There are six Members altogether;
    - We welcome to Lo'au University the following scholars with great respect for your choice to working together with us - Dr Martin Wolterding from the University of Western Sydney, Professor Joeli Veitayaki of the University of the South Pacific, Valerie Bichard of the Australian National University, Hufanga Professor 'Okusitino Mahina from Vava'u Academy of Critical Inquiry and Applied Research and Dr Lea Lani (Kinikini) Kauvaka of the University of the South Pacific;
    - Professors Joeli Veitayaki and Hufanga Professor 'Okusitino Mahina are the only scholars who take just the supervision roles without running any course;
    - We will officially inform Dr Wolterding of the University of Western Sydney and Professor Veitayaki of the University of the South Pacific to join among the Editors of our newly Lo'au Research Publication Journals in the Schools of Natural and Formal Sciences;
  • Hello all Lo'auans,

    I will start this week publishing here articles and discussions from the first Yahoo Block Page of Lo'au Research Society (LRS) on https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LoauRS/
    This is for two main reasons:
    - To share with all members of Lo'au University (LU)'s website;
    - To move all our articles and discussions from yahoo to store them here for future publication on this website.


    Lo'au Pouvalu

    In 2002, the first year that the LRS page was produced and kicked off on yahoo, we had this first post......

  • Hoko atu e talanga e kau Lo'au he ke fakaako 'i Tonga pea mo e kaveinga ako 'a e Lo'au University ko e "education for thinking: Malo e lelei, This is to inform you that I was interviewed by Lady Luseane Luani from 89.5 FM this evening. Dr Sitiveni Halapua was interviewed yesterday morning on the same topic, and he was explaining and clarifying the urgent method of demanding to use 'talanoa' to help in minimizing and perhaps stop this historical and continuing fight among 'Atele and Toloa including Liahona and other colleges and high schools. In my interview, I call and request Dr Halapua to join me in arranging 'talanoa' with the students of 'Atele


     Please click to read more.....CORE VALUES OF LO'AU UNIVERSITY

  • Other entries by Siosiua F.P. Lafitani
  • Sitaleki 'Ata'ata Finau

    Sitaleki was born in Masilamea, Tonga. He attended several primary schools at Te’ekiu, Nukunuku, Nuku’alofa and Toloa. He entered Tonga High School in 1961 and Auckland Grammar School in 1967. He later attended the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, graduating in 1975 from the School of Medicine, and in 1981 graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a Postgraduate Diploma of Community Health. Since 1994, he has been a registered public health specialist in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. Dr. Finau returned to Tonga in 1983. He took over the Community Health Services, consisting of primary health care, non-communicable disease programmes, epidemiology, and the rural health centers of the Tonga’s Ministry of Health. In December 1985 he became the lecturer and coordinator of the Health Management Programme, and later the Assistant Head of the School of Social and Economic Development, at University of the South Pacific in Fiji. He had since worked as: Assistant Professor for the University of Hawaii in Pohnpei; the Manager of Community Health Service for South Pacific Commission; Senior District Medical Officer and Public Health Specialist with the Remote Health Services and the Royal Australian Flying Doctors in Alice Spring, Central Australia; senior lecturer at the University of Auckland Medical school; and the Professor of Public Health at Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji in 2001 to 2006. In June 2006 Professor Sitaleki became the Director of the Pasifika@Massey University to put Pasifikans in Massey University and Massey in and among the Pasifika populations. Dr. Finau has contributed to Pacific health in New Zealand for many years and is considered a Pasifika public health specialist and advocate for Tongan and Pasifikans. He developed an ethnic specific model of health care and established the Langimalie Clinic in Auckland, which has become the only Pacific ethnic specific primary care organisation in New Zealand. He has worked with Pasifika Healthcare in Henderson; and the Hepatitis B screening programmes which have targeted Pacific people. He helped to re-establish the Tongan Nurses Association of New Zealand and is a founding member of the New Zealand Pasifika Medical Association. He was instrumental in the development of the Pacific Unit and Research Centre at Auckland University School of Medical and Health Sciences; Pacific Community health workers’ training programme (now at Manukau Institute of Technology); and Massey University Pacific Strategy. Dr Finau is the inaugural editor and manager of a Pacific regional professional journal, ‘Pacific health Dialog’, for the last 15 years. Dr Finau has also contributed to other health and pacific organizations, including: The Pacific Committee of the Health Research Council of New Zealand; Pacific Health Research Council, Cook Islands; Public Health Association of Australia and New Zealand; the Centre of Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland. He has been the secretary and a member of the Pasifika Medical Association of New Zealand for over 10 years. He was the: Senior lecturer of Health Management at the University of the South Pacific. Suva, Fiji ;Manager of Community Health Service at the South Pacific Commission (SPC) in Noumea, New Caledonia; Assistant Professor of Community Health University of Hawaii, in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia; Professor of Public Health at the Fiji School of Medicine and recently the Director of Health in Niue Island. He was awarded the Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2010. Sitaleki is also interested in tennis, rugby, people, and food. He dabbles in writing of poetry and short stories mainly for his three children. He is passionate about all matters Pacific and cultural democracy.......Sitaleki ‘Ata’ata Finau, Professor of Pacific Health Development and Director Pasifika@Massey of Massey University and Senior Lecturer of Lo'au University.

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    Ilaiasi 'Ofa

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    'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau

    Professor ‘Inoke Fotu Hu'akau received his Associate of Arts from ‘Atenisi Institute in Tonga, BA from University of Wollongong and Master Degree from Sydney University. His field of study is philosophy and logic, disciplinary interest is a generalist, and area of specialization is thinking and conceptual analysis. ‘Inoke is one of the founders of the Lo’au Research Society, and he is currently its President worldwide and first Chancellor of the Lo'au University.  'Inoke was the first scholar of the LU to be awarded in 2012 with the honourary position of professorship by its Executive and Steering Committees for the following reasons. He named the LRS and LU, his leadership since 1999 including writing a Report for Political Reforms in Tonga that was presented to HM late King George Tupou V, vision in 1999 for establishing a University which is now materializing, educational programs and assistance for Moanan people in Sydney and Australia as well as for the Sydney Government and University of Sydney, and promoting the spirit of critical and analytical thinking in Australia and Tonga. He named the LRS and LU after Lo’au Taputoka, and the Lo’au Lineage, Ha'a Lo'au.  They were regarded as the Mastermind and Founder of the culture of kava ceremony, school of navigation in the Lake of Fualu, double-hulled canoe construction, stone masonry and ancient calendar since the 9th Century AD in Tonga....... 'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau, Professor and Senior Lecturer of logic and philosophy, Chancellor of Lo'au University.

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