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News research-based

News from this website are research-based as a result of the application and the utilization of scientific method, and logical and philosophical scrutiny.

News must be valid and true in philosophical, logical and scientific terms or must be responded to the big question of 'what is the case', i.e. it is so or not, as first propounded by Thales and Socrates in ancient Greece, without any personal and vested interests.

The application of knowledge of what is the case into 'what should/ought be' is also the key point of the philosophy and culture of Lo'au University with its core values. Please click here to read more about our the Lo'auan culture/philosophy with such core values...Culture/Philosophy with core values

The core news are stemmed from the current activities, projects and programs among the 6 Schools of the Lo'au University, and other news sources can be brought in from related fields of study in other universities or research institutes and communities worldwide.

Please go to front-page to read our latest news and current short articles. You can also click here to read our 'Human Resources' and "About Us" with their key information in directing the Lo'au University:

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