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Scholarship & Upfront Enrollment Fees



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We are pleased that you are interested in learning about scholarship opportunities at lo'au University. Scholarships are a great source of funding for higher education. We encourage you to apply with many organizations and scholarship providers in addition to the Lo'au University scholarships. Please use this website as a resource. Although many opportunities are presented on this website, we encourage you to seek scholarships from other sources as well.

 Scholarships will be awarded for students in all levels based on merits of their studies which is Performance-based Scholarships as shown below in no. 1), including other criteria as shown in No. 2) to 5) as well:


1) Performance-based Scholarships -  Ma'ananga Scholarhip

(Ma'ananga was the main residence of the ancient Lo'au Lineage beside the huge Lepa-'o- Fualu, 'Lake-of-Fualu', at the district of Ha'amea in central Tongatapu island, it was said to be located at Fungamatatoa mound where the Villa of King Tupou V is now located)

To apply for the Ma'ananga Scholarship please click here to go to the application form.


2) Opportunities for Education Scholarships - humantarianism, human rights and social justice -  Lo'au Scholarship

(Lo'au was the name for the ancient intellectual lineage in Tonga that masterminded and advised the empire of the Tu'i Tonga Dynasty between the 10th and 17th Centuries, they were known as the Tufunga Fonua, 'Carpenter of Land-people)

To apply for the Lo'au Scholarship please click here to go to the application form.


3) Sponsorship Scholarships - third parties e.g. foundation, alumni and so on - Ha'amea Scholarship

(Ha'amea was the district for the ancient Lo'au Lineage in the central part of Tongatapu Island running from Nukunuku viillage in the west to Vaini village in the east)

To apply for the Ha'amea Scholarship please click here to go to the application form.


4) Government Scholarships/Grants - Fualu Scholarship

(Lepa-'o-Fualu is a huge lake in where Mataki'eua is now located in which the main residence Ma'ananga of the ancient Lo'au Lineage was situated in the district of Ha'amea in central Tongatapu Island) 


5) Inter College Scholarships - Momo-Nua Scholarship

(Momo was the 10th Tu'i Tonga who married Nua the eldest daughter of the first Lo'au Taputoka of Ha'amea in around the 10th Century)


For the rest of the students, you will apply the normal method of Upfront Enrollment Fees, UEF, before engaging in any course, be it for long undergraduate or graduate degrees.  Free online courses are also another option to be offered and the public will be informed accordingly.

The same method of UEF is applied too for short courses with certificate awards. For the first semester, and term, all individual must complete their registration as members and enrollment as students before engaging in any academic activities and classes. 

Scholarships must be distinguished from Lo'au Fees and Finance Assisting Program, LFFAP, which is used only for students who really need immediate and short financial assistance, and who are applied to the university under the sub-section 'Your Finance' if they are under-graduates or the sub-section 'Fees & Finance' if they are graduates/post-graduates..

All applications shall be examined and processed in accordance to the guidelines of the LEFAP and other related polices and regulations.