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With the wellbeing of our lecturers, researchers and staffs, the followings will be awarded to them as a mutual exchange while contracting with our Lo'au University:

1) Core Belief/Philosophy - sustain constant optimum wellbeing and wellfare of the staffs, which is a critical foundation for the 'success' of LU and its students;
2) Strategy - healthy holistic approach e.g. promoting healthy lifestyle for the staff themselves and as bona fide fiduciary agent of the LU;
3) Lo'au University Designated Resources for the purpose of maintaining high performance level;
4) Remuneration and Benefits will be equitable to productivity of the staff.

All of the above are included and detailed in our Lo'au University Academic and Staff Agreement 2013-2018, LUASA, which to be signed between the new lecturers and our LU before opening the enrollment of students from December 2013 until January 2014, in which its first online courses will be officially launched.