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All new staff

All new staff of the Lo'au University, LU, in its Teaching Division, TD, Research Division, RD, and Website Administration, WD, will be trained free of charge by the current administrators and Manager of the Financial and Administrator Section, FAS, in the early stage of its development under the guidelines of the Lo'au University Academic and Staff Agreement 2013-2018, LUASA.

Later on the first individuals to be trained will continue in duplicating the same skills and knowledge to those who will follow with the guidance of such administrators and Manager.

All lecturers will be trained in the same method of assistance without any payment, and this will be continued in the first five years of the operation of the online courses and studies.

All staff will be paid in accordance to the Salary Regulation and Conditions, SRC, of the FAS of the LU, under the guidelines of the LUASA, which includes benefits and other bonuses to be provided in accordance to teaching and research performance.

Lo'au University Recources for New Lecturers:

1. Employment's Policies and Protocols:

  1.  Job Opportunities and Application Form both online and offline.
    Do you want to be a part of a robust enegergic group of people that deliver high quality online courses and competitive higher learning experience, if you do want to participate in molding and empowring the generation of tomorrow then click on the link above to find out more and apply today.

  2.  Remuneration plan and benefits plan.
    At Lo'au University there is no limit for those who are seeking  financial and career opportunities,  if you have what it takes then contact us now. Our compensation plan is very simple yet effective and very rewarding, i.e. if your students likes and become successful on your course then the market will pay you handsomely your worth while its up to you to decide your limit. We have other benefits as well on other areas such as Pulications, Branding, Networking, etc. To find out more information about these great opportunities, contact us today for more information.

2. Course Development Resources:

  1.  Course Development Learning Objectives Guides.

    A learning objective is a statement of what the students will know, understand, or be able to do as a result of engaging in a learning activity at Lo'au University. Well-written learning objectives are essential to building a strong foundation in the development of training materials. Click on the title to find out more.