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CUAM University in Italy offers Erasmus Scholarships to Lo'auan Students

CUAMLogoCUAM University Foundation of Italy in Europe has offered some of its European Erasmus Scholarships to Lo'au University, for Lo'auan students to study in Italy from September 2017 until September 2018. CUAM was formed in 2014 by 73 Universities from Africa, Europe and Middle East, and Lo'au University is among them and the only one from Asia and the Pacific (Moana).

The Erasmus Scholarships of the European Union have been operated only among the Universities in Europe for over 20 years, but because our 73 Universities are members of CUAMA we are therefore access to such an educational opportunity.

We are in the process of finalizing the Lo'auan students to be sent to Italy under this Erasmus Scholarship, and likewise CUAM will send students to study at Lo'au University as well. All are going to be paid by Erasmus.

The number of Lo'auan scholarship students will be finalized by the Lo'auan Board of Trustees in January 2017.

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