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MEDIA RELEASE: Erasmus Scholarship for 10 Lo'auan students to study in Italy

Template Style 5Lo'au University in the Kingdom of Tonga has sent to Europe today the names of 10 students to study between September 2017 and September 2018 at the Second University of Napoli and CUAM University Foundation in Italy under the European Erasmus Scholarship (funded by European Commission/Union). They are BA, MA and PhD students. Lo'au University in Moana (Pacific) is one of the 73 partner universities from Europe, Africa and the Middle East that formed CUAM University Foundation in Italy in 2014. So all the 73 universities are legitimately and legally recognized as Europeans, and hence are qualified and eligible to the Erasmus Scholarshsip (which is only for Europeans in Europe). Under the same Scholarship, 10 Italian students will also be moving to the Kingdom at the same period and study at Lo'au University. The 10 Lo'auan students are as follows: Holosini Uata Jnr (BA in arts, architecture and Tongan culture), Sitaleki Siu (BA in arts, architecture and Tongan culture), Kaunanga Moli (PhD in education), Miniosa Guttenbeil (BA in history), Hoamofaleono Guttenbeil (BA in philosophy of law), Haydn Lolohea (MA in pscho-therapy and Tongan culture), Lata Matakaiongo (MA in social work/policy), Viliami 'Atelea Afeaki (MA in Tongan culture) Mafi 'Aho (BA in technology) and Siosi'ana Afeaki (MA in Tongan culture)