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Certificate Award Program of Lo'au University for its students and individuals of the wider community

images.jpgTaumafaKavaSince the official launch of Lo'au University in 2014 by the then Minister of Education Hon. Dr 'Ana Taufe'ulungaki, its administration has been running a Certificate Award Program, with the First Certificate Award in 2016 and the Second Certificate Award in August 2017. The Third Certificate Award will be held in October this year.

The First Certificate Award was presented to 15 individuals from within the University and the public regarding their successful volunteered and occupational works to the wider community in areas like arts, traditional medicine and mechanic engineering. Some are continuing for their second certificate and for more until they'll get their diploma at the end, which means they must complete five or six certificates before receiving their diploma.

The Second Certificate Award was presented to 'Esiteli Hafoka on Tongan Language and Culture. It was a six weeks course with Professor Siosiua Lafitani and it was her First Certificate. Hafoka is a PhD student from the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University. She will continue in taking the same course in 2018 for her Second Certificate and 2019 for her Third Certificate. If she completes the three certiciates 'Esiteli will then receive her Post-graduate Diploma on Tongan Language and Culture. Her study with us is funded by Stanford University, and 'Esiteli was advised and referred to us by Professor Tevita Ka'ili of BYU in Hawaii.

The Third Certificate Award will be presented to dance and art students from the Lo'au Arts Foundation. There are about ten of them, and one student will receive her Second, Third and Fourth Certicates (with one more to get a diploma), one to receive First, Second and Third Certificates, and the rest to receive their First Certificate. This is the First Educational Program in Tonga and overseas by an university to award certicates and diploma on Tongan dance and arts.