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Here and now

For the time being, please take the effort and time to visit us here and now and check out things in progress.  Lo'au University, LU, will officially start all its teaching courses and research activities via this website from January 2014 onwards.

Classes will be officially launched on Monday 6th of January 2014 from the University of the South Pacific in its Tongan Campus, but registration and enrollment are now underway and you have to click on the following link:

Click here please.......

Feel free to visit us here and familiarize yourself with our educational opportunities and programs. We have three levels: Proficiency One (BA), Two (MA) and Three (Doctorate). 

For Proficiency Level One, it takes one year and three months to complete it and there are 16 courses altogether, with 8 of them from the major field of study and 2 from the core course in rational studies at the School of Rational Studies, Philosophy and Humanities and 2 from technology, internet and website at the School of Technology and Other Applied Sciences, and 4 from other fields of study. One year and 6 monhts for a Master Degree with 12 courses and a sub-thesis including a fieldwork or laboratory work.. 

For a doctorate, it takes 2 years to complete it, with no classes but just a field or laboratory work with thesis.

Courses are in English and Tongan languages, as well as, in other Moanan languages especially if it is requested by students or decided by the lecturers. Students can write their assisgnments in Tongan if it is agreed by the lecturers in the course outlines, and grammar must be included in teaching, speaking and writing also.

There are benefits for students, lecturers, researchers and all staff including registered general members, and there general and financial members.  General members are those who just registered on this website as general members with no fees to pay but financial membes and students are those who mush pay $50 per year as members and admission and registration for students, and there are other special benefits for them such as voting rights and program access.

Please click here..........