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Why Lo'au University?

Facts About Lo'au University:

- Lo'au University is currently recruiting students, lecturers, researchers and staff from different parts of the world to studyng and working with them in its educational programs, activities and operation.

- Lo'au University was appointed by the CUAM University Foundation in Italy in March 2014 as one of the 73 partner universities to run its  educational and scientific research in Benevento. 

- Lo'au University was named by its Chancellor, Professor 'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau, after the Lo'au Lineage, Ha'a Lo'au, in ancient Tongan society.

- The Board of Trustees of Lo'au University installed and awarded the honorary title of professorship to 'Inoke Hu'akau in 2013 and Dr Siosiua Fonuakihehama Pouvalu Lafitani and 'Ilaiasi Tupou 'Ofa in 2014.

- Lo'au University is the first in Moanan-Tongan islands to run all its courses from different places worldwide in hyperspace

- Lo'au University teaches education of all kinds as a way of life to live on it and apply to all aspects of life in a wise manner

-Lo'au University's philosophy is 'education for thinking' or 'education for rationality', an extension and revival of 'education for knowledge' by Socrates and Aristotle's 'man is a rational animal'.

- Lo'au University is the first in higher learning to teach thinking as a distinct discipline

- Lo'au University is the first to eastablish a School of Rational Studies differently from philosophy and its branches like logic and ethics

- Lo'au University is the first to nullify the distinction between theory and practice and put the emphasis on thinking as such

- Lo'au University puts the emphasis on rationality in searching for true/valid value of any statement and also its wisdom in using its knowledge in efficient and proficient ways

- Lo'au University teaches students on how to learn traditions/history and daily life through only oral method of talanoa/talk

- Lo'au University teaches students to appreciate Moanan-Tongan culture and Lo'auan worldview to life with their oral traditions

- Lo'au University teaches students to appreciate the ancient and modern wisdom of all world civilizations in their classical manners

- Lo'au University offers scholarships, financial assistance and more of approx $10 miilions per year to students from the Moanan islands and different parts of the world.

Lo'au University, LU, is the first Higher Learning Institute in Tonga and Moana (Pacific Islands) to operate a higher learning online system in hyperspace, and participate in sharing with individuals and organizations from different parts of the world the knowledge and wisdom from our Moanan-Tongan ancestors, among other world civilizations. 

Such knowledge and wisdom which were based and developed out from how they have perceived reality for survival and for the mere spirit of free inquiry.  This includes their attempt to adapt and deal with the complex, changeable and conflictual behaviors of the environment that surrounds them in their growth, adaptation and development.

LU is an academic and social medium in hyperspace to amalgamate the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Tongan and Moanan people with those of the other classical and modern world cultures through running online short and long courses, as well as, researches, as in the combination of Western logic and philosophy with that of Moanan-Tongan and Lo'auan principles in some of its courses.

Short courses aim to deliver certificate awards for students when completing their required and designed programs, and long courses are delivered for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs with degrees identical to levels of Bachelor, Masters and post-graduate doctorates, awarding for the completion of their required and designed programs.

We have lecturers in almost all world major disciplines of study such as prehistory, philosophy, logic, mathematics, social philosophy, political philosophy, health, commerce, social work, and classical studies. 

Candidates by research only as in the case graduate and post-graduate programs will do their researches in both the Teaching and Research Divisions. TD and RD, of the University.

Please find below the two Divisions of the LU with their different Schools.



1. School of Rational Studies

2. School of Natural and Formal Sciences

3. School of Social Philosophy, Ethno-science and Humanities

4. School of Commerce and Information Technology Management.

5. School of Health, Community Development and Social Services

6. School of Technology and Other Sciences

In both TD and RD, multidisciplinary approach and cross-credits within the LU and between itself and other Universities, are encoursged and permitted as well.

School of Rational Studies and its disciplines of philosophy and logic

These two disciplines, including courses in the School of Technology and Other Applied Sciences, are core and compulsory for students in all levels. 

With philosophy and logic, they are the key and only disciplines in academic circles that can teach students to think rationally, objectively and wisely. They teach students on how to understand the language of thinking proper, as well as, argument of any kind and how to use ideas in cognitive way without appealing to human emotions of ignorance and illusions. It is the only way to arrive at the truth and validity of any statement under-consideration.

Students in this new School of studying rationality clearly define the uniqueness of the human minds from any other living animal in the universe. Only human kinds can think rationally, objectively and wisely. This simply means they can use the cognitive part of their minds to think critically and analytically in an objective manner and apply their knowledge into productive and creative ways. Only human kinds have the mental capacity to think rationally, objectively and wisely.

Rationally, only the human minds can move further and provide reason of any topic of discussion and research. Objectively, only the human minds can explain and define anything whatsoever in their own terms independently from their own illusions and ignorance. Wisely, only the human minds can apply and use knowledge in a wise manner. On the other hand, the human minds can act and behave in the opposite way to the above but it is a different issue nevertheless.

Is it worthwhile and important to study philosophy and logic? What it can do to education and human civilization? They are the disciplines or subjects that teach human kinds on how to think properly and to make meaningful sense of their thoughts in a peculiar way differently from any mind and idea. They are also the only disciplines that teach both the form and contents (structure and details) of things, the rest of the other academic disciplines teach only the contents or details of things.

There are lasting works of the human minds who studied philosophy and logic throughout history, and there are six of them.

Firstly, science or education was a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic. Secondly, democracy as a form of ruling order was a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic. Secondly, internet was a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic. Thirdly, modern laws were a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic. Fourthly, classical architecture of Greece and Rome were a product of human kinds who studied philosophy and logic. Fifthly, modern medicinal treatment was a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic. Last but not least, classical music was a product of human minds who studied philosophy and logic.